It's About You and your Dog

Our goal is to help you have a healthy and long lasting relationship with your dog.
Pet Dog Training

As you will learn, our training system is one of \”Traning with Love and Respect. \” This system has been developed over 30 years and has proven successful for all types of dogs with all types of behavior problems. Call Today (714) 990-9010

The Hound Shop

This is our online store. It contains produce that we and our best clients have used and have found to be a great product. We think you will find it easier to find what it is that will be good for your dog too.


Our Evaluation program is the best place to start for whatever it is you want to do with your dog. Although our team is great on the phone, there are just some things that need to be seen and experienced. Whether you have a behavior issue or want your dog to work for a living. Call today at (714) 990-9010

Healthy Dog Network

Falco K9 Academy and Andy Falco are happy to be a member of The Healthy Dog Network. This broadcast network is dedicated to bringing you information that promotes good health and overall good habits for your dog.

About Falco K9 Academy

Human Training for Your Dog
Training Humans and Dogs with Love and Respect

Falco K9 Academy has provided Dog Training In Orange County California for nearly 30 years and has been called "America's Top Dog Trainer" and “King K9”. Falco K9 Academy is one of the few facilities if not the only in the world who trains Police K9 Teams (over 1000), detection dogs (of all disciplines), search and rescue dogs (including Peru and Argentina) and thousands of pet dog owners. And has been featured on the Disney Channel, Animal Planet channel and National Geographic. He was asked to assist Cesar Milan in the filming of his new TV show that will air in 2014. Currently there are two documentaries in production featuring Andy and Falco K9 Academy. Falco K9 Academy has trained and provided dogs for hundreds of Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world. Andy has also been hired by the largest companies in the world including Disneyland, Anaheim; Disneyland, Orlando; Disneyland Hong Kong, The Koch Brothers, Jerry Weintraub; Long Beach Medical Center; George Washington Medical Center in Washington DC and Steven Spielberg's Starlight Star bright Foundation. As an author Andy’s most recent book “Dog Sniff Evidence” is a number one bestseller on Amazon. Andy has written 5 other books including “FALCO – Walking with God and a Dog” which discusses his time as a K9 handler and how his dog brought him closer to God. Andy is a former police officer and K9 handler for the Anaheim Police Department in California (23 years). Andy was also assigned to the SWAT Team and a Detective in Family Crimes and Sex Crimes (SVU). Andy received a number of awards including Officer of the Year (1993) and the highest award, The Distinguished Service Award (1994).

  • Pet Dog Training

    Our training system is called "Dog Training with Love and Respect." The key to a healthy relationship is one with a proper balance of love and respect.

  • Detection Dogs

    For over 30 years we have trained effective detection dogs for law enforcement, military and civilians. Our experience spans all disciplines of detection. Including narcotics, explosives, bed bugs and incendiary.

  • Patrol, Security and Protection

    Falco's history comes from training police dogs throughout the world. We continue to train the most effective patrol dogs possible.

  • Board and Care

    At our new facility within the Country Care Resort. We both board and Board and Train in our clean and well managed boarding facility. Come check it out.

Our Team

Our Falco K9 Academy Family
Andy Falco Jimenez
Founder and Lead Trainer
Andy has provided Dog Training In Orange County California for nearly 30 years and has been called \”America\’s Top Dog Trainer\” and “King K9”.
Karleen Wood
Administrative Services
Karleen is the heart of the operation. If you need to contact one of our team members or a specific service she will be the one who makes it happen. We appreciate Karleen and how she cares about you and Falco K9 Academy.
Derek Bergner
Derek has literally been with Falco K9 Academy since he has been a kid. He has grown up around our training and his learned how to train both humans and dogs with Love and Respect.
Aldo Cecchi
Master Trainer
Aldo comes to us from Cordoba, Argentina. He has been training dogs and handlers throughout South America for 25 years. He and Andy have just co-authored a book called \”The Perfect Dog Training System.\”


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