Pet Dog Training

Our course is a very extensive course that not only trains you on our training field, but also at home with our online manual and videos that will be delivered by email.  Also as is implied by our tagline, "Human Training for your Dog" we focus on your needs to be successful with your dog.

In our training system we will help you choose the correct tool (collar, reward and leash for example) that will work for both you and your dog.  We don't use only one type of collar or reward system.  Every dog and human is unique and need to be trained as such.

Our course is eight weeks long, one day a week… either on Saturdays or Wednesdays. The class is about an hour long and we keep our classes at about 10 students.  We usually have more than one trainer.  One to lead the class and the other to assist each client with their unique issue when necessary.

We are a reward based system but also teach you how to properly correct your dog when necessary.  It is our philosophy that it is very important for a dog to know when he is doing good... but equally important, the dog must know when he is incorrect (just like children).  However a correction must be correct in its use and pressure.  Sometimes a correction is just a verbal correction and sometimes it may be a correction by using the leash and the collar. Again, each human/dog combination is unique and the tools might be different for each member of the family with the same dog.

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